Belgium Welcomes 150 Syrian Refugees for Humanitarian Reasons

The Belgian government has agreed with several religious leaders to welcome 150 Syrian refugees from Lebanon and Turkey for humanitarian reasons. Jan De Volder, the coordinator of this initiative, and a member of a Christian community movement in Brussels made a statement that the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken, would sign a “statement of intent” for this purpose, Asharq al-Awsat informs.

The project, named “humanitarian corridors”, is set to welcome 150 people of Syrian nationality, who will arrive in Belgium from Turkey and Lebanon, with a humanitarian visa. De Volder stated that the candidates would be “checked in advance so that the authorities know the profile of the individuals who are coming to Belgium.”

In a statement to local media on Wednesday, he said that around 150 refugees, that have different religious views, mostly families with children as well as elderly or people suffering from health conditions, would benefit from this project. Francken, for his part, stated that he was happy with the ideological diversity that characterizes this work, which is overseen by the various religious organizations.

“Belgium would receive 150 Syrians and 1,150 others in the framework of Belgium’s share in a European plan for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in 2018,” he added.

He concluded that Islamic, Christian and Jewish associations had voiced their support to the Syrian migrants and secured aid and volunteers for a complete year to help welcome the new refugees.