The Mob (yes, that Mob) loots art from ISIS in Syria

Posted 8 December 2016 – A recent report revealed that art looted from Syria was sold by Islamist groups like ISIS to the Italian mafia, the mob.

The connection at first seems unfathomable. But on second thought, it’s understandable these two criminal networks found each other– the looted art from conflict areas such as Syria fuels the vicious cycle of global terrorism.

We have known about the historical atrocities ISIS has committed in Libya and Syria for years, yet little was known about the later life of the artefacts. Today, items like marble statues and carvings turn up in markets run by the Mafia to be sold for weapons, which are then returned to the Middle East.

It is estimated that 100,000 cultural objects, including 4,500 archaeological sites, are now under the control of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The destruction of ancient art is shocking and wrong, but profiting off the destruction is purely despicable. This must be stopped.

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